More About Our 100% All Natural Grape Juice

The average composition of other brands of non-alcoholic wine juice consist of diluted juice, added water and sugars, along with acids and many other additives the companies use to alter the product’s taste. We never do any of that. We provide only 100% pure all natural juice. This is what sets us apart from the rest. Instead of fermenting and then attempting to remove the alcohol from the fermented juice, we do not ferment. We create a high quality, all natural grape juice which offers all of the health benefits with none of the harm that alcohol causes. Our methods allow us to create an all natural juice that contains no artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners.

Specialized Juice Processing Creates 99.9999% Pure All Natural Juice

Comparing other juice companies to our vineyard and to our juice is almost impossible. We are truly a one of a kind vineyard that takes pride in providing the highest quality product through our specialized process, which uses the finest wine grapes to create the best juice on the planet.

Draper Valley Vineyard’s all natural juices are cold-pressed and cold-filtered with no added sugar. Many juice companies today dilute their products in order to create higher yield and more profit, but at Draper Valley Vineyard we take pride is our 100% pure juice products which contain the natural sweetness of the whole grape. We never add additional water or sugars in order to make more juice or to make more money. We already have a perfect product, made from 100% all natural juice.

100% ALL Natural Juices Promote Good Heart Health

Draper Valley does not pasteurize. We do not heat our juice at all. This allows for two very important things to take place. Number one is the retention of all of the naturally occurring vitamins and minerals that others companies reduce from their juice as they go through heating processing. Several studies have shown that these vitamins and minerals, including polyphenols like resveratrolcontribute to reduced risks of cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, Insulin resistance, and high blood pressure. They also promote good heart health when combined with diet and exercise.

Recently, researchers even discovered that pure grape juice is actually significantly more heart healthy than red wine. Scientists conducted experiments in Spain which revealed that the alcohol contained in red wine actually weakens the ability of the polyphenols to reduce blood pressure, essentially cancelling out much of the natural benefits of wine grapes.

Cold Pressing, Cold Filtration, and Cold Bottling Protects Virtual Nutrients

We’ve long known that heating and pasteurizing most fruit and vegetable juices destroys essential enzymes. Even moderate heat, like the kind many juice companies use in their processing methods, actually activates certain enzymes that destroy delicate nutrients like vitamin C. The chemical changes introduced by heat can also make micronutrients less bioavailable to the body.

At Draper Valley Vineyard we do not use any heat in processing our juices. In fact, we keep them as cold as possible to preserve as much of the grape’s natural nutritiousness, flavor, and aroma as possible. We guarantee that there’s not a healthier and more richly flavorful commercially produced grape juice anywhere in the country.

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